Luggage TAGs

Printing “Luggage Tags”. Our luggage tags will identify your baggage at first sight. You can custom design your luggage tag, they bring life and fun to your travel baggage.

luggage tags imprint Thimphu
luggage tags printing imprint Thimphu
luggage tags printing imprint Thimphu
Luggage TAGs : Nu.199/-

Dimension : 8.6 × 5.4cms.
Material : High quality PVC (polyvinyl chloride) card.
Description : This classy luggage tag is perfect for identifying any bag that travels with you.
Printing : Our full color print is more vibrant, contrast, sharper and very eye-catching. Our luggage tags are printed on BOTH SIDES.
Packaging : Each custom luggage tag comes with high quality velcro strap and packed in a zip lock bag.
Payment / Discount / Delivery / Pickup : Please refer to the Terms of Service.
Availability : In Stock

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